The Joy of Morels

Morel Hunting

Because it's fun

People love the morels because they are easy to identify, they taste amazing, and they are usually quite plentiful.

Morel mushroom hunting is a rewarding outdoor adventure that is best shared with family and friends between late-March through the end of May.

Culinary Delight

Because they're yummy

Finding morels is only half the fun. The delectable steak-like flavor of morel mushrooms makes them one of the most highly sought after wild edible mushrooms throughout North America.

If you’re timing is right, you may even be able to harvest some wild strawberries for your dinner too. French Chefs will envy your finds!

When to Hunt

Because it's beautiful

Morels appear in early spring when the warmer temperatures and sun kiss the forest canopy and floor to wake the plants from their winter slumber.

The brilliant pops of color from wildflowers will let you know that it is time. You are likely to see wild violets, orchids, trillium, Dutchman’s breeches and shooting stars.